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Employer Sponsored Visa

Know About Employer Sponsored Visa Melbourne

The employer-sponsored visa allows legitimate businesses in Australia to hire overseas workers to address skill shortages in the Australian labour market. It helps them to run their business smoothly and prevent skilled labour shortages adversely impacting their operations. For the applicants, an employer-sponsored visa offers an opportunity to live, study & work in Australia. 

It also opens the pathway for permanent residency later. Moreover, you can include your spouse and dependents in your visa application. Excel Migration is the leading migration consultant in Melbourne, offering assistance in applying for an employer-sponsored visa.

Know About Employer Sponsored Visa Melbourne

Types of Employer-Sponsored Visas:

There are several subcategories within the employer-sponsored visa and you can apply under the category relevant to you. The most commonly used visas are:

Temporary skilled shortage visa – subclass 482:

Employer nominated scheme – subclass 186:

Skilled employer-sponsored regional – subclass 494:

This is a temporary visa that qualifies to apply for PR. You need a skill assessment and 3 years of experience to apply for this visa. There is a wider range of occupations available under this subcategory of visas. Your employer needs the approval to sponsor you and must be able to prove that a resident is not available for the job.

Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) Visa:

This is meant to address the labour shortage in designated territories in Australia. There is a separate DAMA list for territories and the employer needs a labour agreement and the approval of the region’s designated officer to provide sponsorship under this visa category.

Temporary activity visa- subclass 408:

This is a temporary visa valid for 2 years and allows you to be hired for domestic work, high-level sports and training, cultural and social activities or as a religious worker. You also need sufficient finances and medical cover to apply under this category.

Training visa – subclass 407:

With this visa, you can visit Australia and take part in occupational training or professional development training. The validity of this temporary visa is 2 years and you can be nominated by an approved training activity sponsor.

Both employer and applicant must be aware of the terms & conditions of the visa as any error in filling the application or breach of conditions can lead to visa rejection or revocation.  You should take the services of an experienced visa and migration specialist, who is well versed in Australian immigration law.


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Excel Migration is the employer sponsored visa immigration agency of choice in Melbourne. We offer unmatched visa and immigration advice, having helped numerous visa applicants in the past few years. These are a few of the reasons why visa applicants and sponsoring employers prefer us:

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Why Choose Us for Employer Sponsored Visa?