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Get a Tourist Visa Subclass 600 to Visit Melbourne, Australia

Australia is a great country to visit as a tourist. Millions of people visit our great country each year and are awed by its beauty and natural bounty. If you plan to visit Australia as a tourist, you need to apply for a tourist visa 600. Excel Migration in Melbourne is the premier tourist visa consultancy that helps you apply for a tourist visa to visit Australia.

We are MARA registered and offer you visa consultancy at affordable prices. Depending on your country of origin, you can apply for any significant tourist visa categories like ETA visitor, visitors, tourist visa or a family visitor visa. The duration of the visa ranges from 3-12 months, depending on the visa category and the purpose of our visit. 

Get a Tourist Visa Subclass 600 to Visit Melbourne Australia

How to Apply for an Australian Tourist Visa?

The entire process of applying for an Australian tourist 600 visa. The tourist visa is only for tourism purposes and is available for a genuine visitor who wishes to travel to Australia for a short duration.

Step 1: You are not required to visit the Australian consulate in your country with the hard copy of your documents or to submit the application physically but can do it online.

Step 2: The decision on the visa is also conveyed through the mail.

Step 3: The visa is not stamped on your passport but is linked to your passport number.

To avoid visa rejection, you should not apply with incomplete or fake documents. You cannot study more than 3 months or take any kind of employment in Australia if you visit the country on a tourist visa. Any breach of the visa conditions can lead to visa termination and impact your future travel to Australia. If you are not sure about the documents or find the process complicated, our team at Excel Migration can help you out with the process.

Documents required for an Australian Tourist Visa

These are a few of the documents that you need when you are applying for an Australian tourist visa:

  • Original passport with 6 months validity beyond your travel date 
  • Duly filled visa application form 
  • Photos (2) with white background 
  • Details of travel itinerary 
  • Hotel or accommodation details for your entire stay 
  • Flight reservation or tickets 
  • Marriage certificate 
  • Financial statement 
  • IRS or Income tax returns 

Processing Time for an Australian Tourist Visa

The processing time for a tourist visa Subclass 600 is quick. It is usually granted in 2-3 days with a maximum limit of 33 days. The processing time also depends on whether you have applied with all the required information and supporting documents and the peak tourist season. You must use a duly filled form with all the necessary support documents to avoid rejection. Your past travel history or prior visa rejection may also affect your application. In such a case, it is best to seek the advice of an experienced tourist visa specialist before applying. 


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Travel and Medical Insurance

 You will feel secure with travel and medical insurance in place before you visit Australia on a tourist visa. You can face unexpected medical emergencies or cope with unforeseen incidents like theft, delayed cancelled flights with comprehensive travel insurance in place. Do check with your visa counsellor for the best travel and medical insurance options to minimise the cost in any emergency. 

Travel and Medical insurance