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Australia is a preferred study location for students worldwide. It has world-class universities that offer courses in virtually every discipline and ample research opportunities. The students also get international exposure and become part of ground-breaking research. It is mandatory for every student who has obtained admission to any Australian educational institution to apply for a student visa to enter the country for further studies. Excel Migration is a MARA registered immigration & student visa consultant that offers you honest consultation and support to apply for a student visa.

Eligibility for Getting a Student Visa

Since July 2016, the Australian government has made a single visa category for all student applications, irrespective of the type of course or sector in which the student wants to study. However, similar to other Australian visas, a temporary student visa also needs all supporting documents for the application process to avoid rejection.

The eligibility for obtaining a student visa are:

1. Enrolment:

For this visa category, you need to obtain an enrolment or offer of admission from any registered educational institution in Australia. The immigration authorities may check your academic records and past travel history to check for the genuineness of your motives to visit and live in Australia. You may also be asked to visit the Australian embassy in your country and meet the visa officer as part of GTE.

2. Financial:

You must meet the financial criteria to apply for an Australian student visa successfully. The immigration authorities check your capability of paying the course fees and meet the cost of travel and living in Australia. If you have dependents like spouses and children, you need to prove your ability to finance their stay with you. Alternatively, you can submit evidence that your parents or spouse is willing to support you financially for your studies and stay in Australia.

3. Proficiency in English:

To live and study in Australia, you must be proficient in English or have lived and studied in an English-speaking country for at least five years. The accepted proficiency tests for English are TOEFL, IELTS, iBT, PTE and CAE. This condition applies to all overseas students whose native language is not English. This measure ensures that you will be able to live and study in Australia without the limitations imposed by a language barrier.

4. Health Cover:

You must have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) or fall in an exemption category. Some students may be asked to visit a doctor registered with Australian immigration for a medical test and health check-up in their home country.

Why Hire a Student Visa Migration Agent?

With more than 22,000 courses offered by more than 1,100 universities, Australia remains the top choice for students. Each year, thousands of students come to Australia to study a course of their choice. However, the Australian visa process is considered one of the toughest in the world. An experienced MARA registered agent can help you with your student visa application. A migration agent well versed in all aspects of the visa application and the supporting documentation, guiding you throughout the process.

Here are few reasons that have made us the migration agent of choice in Melbourne:

  • Experienced agents
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Honest advice
  • Trustworthy service
  • MARA registered

Being among the best student visa consultants, Excel Migration will guide you in applying for a student visa. Call us on 0412 797 205 to discuss details for your student visa application. We offer result-oriented services at affordable prices and have a high success rate.




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