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Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 491

About Skilled work regional provisional 491 Visa Melbourne

Skilled work regional provisional 491 visa is amongst the most sought-after visas for Australia. With the help of this visa, you can easily stay, study and work in Australia for five years. Moreover, if you are eligible, you can also apply for a permanent residency in due course. To qualify for this visa, you need to be invited by the Australian government. Hence, you can send in your Expression of Interest (EOI).

The process of skilled work regional provisional visa subclass 491 application is quite complicated. You need to have all the relevant documentation in proper order for your visa to be approved. Excel Migration is the leading MARA registered consultant for skilled work regional visas in Melbourne. We provide you end-to-end assistance via certified visa specialists in successfully applying for the visa.

Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 491

Eligibility for Applying for a 491 Skilled work regional provisional Visa:

You need to meet several skilled work regional visa requirements while applying for this visa:

  • You must be under 45 years of age
  • You must have the relevant skills that are on the skill list of the Australian government. You may also need to have a skill assessment completed for the same.
  • You need to be invited or nominated by the government to apply for this visa.
  • You should pass the health and character requirements
  • You should meet the language criteria
  • You should score 65 points or more
  • You need to sign the Australian statement of values
  • You need to have paid back any debt you owe to the Australian government.

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