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Permanent Residency

Australian Permanent Residency Visa Melbourne

Australian Permanent Residency Visa Melbourne

Australian Permanent Residency Requirements & Eligibility

  • You should be under 45 years of age (not applicable to a parent visa)
  • It would help if you had at least a competent level of proficiency in the English language
  • You should obtain at least 65 points in the evaluation matrix
  • There should not be any visa conditions breach in the past
  • You must pass a character and health test
  • It would be best if you did not owe any debt to the Australian government

Please be aware that these are only general eligibility conditions. The specific PR visa eligibility depends on the stream and subclass under which you are applying. Check with our certified migration agent for eligibility conditions relevant to your application. You can apply for a PR visa for your partner and dependents along with your application. However, you need to submit documents for each dependent and partner along with separate fees.

Rights & privileges

Wondering what being an Australian permanent resident is? A person with a permanent residency visa has most of the rights allocated to an Australian citizen. These include:

  • Right to live in Australia permanently
  • Work and study without restriction in the country
  • Apply for bank loans and buy property anywhere in Australia
  • Enrolment in MEDICARE – Australia’s premiere health insurance
  • Sponsoring eligible relatives for PR in Australia
  • Free to travel to and from Australia according to facility permits
  • Attending free English language classes

Limitations for a PR visa holder

As a permanent resident of Australia, there are a few rights that you cannot exercise as compared to an Australian citizen. These are:

  • You cannot vote in the Australian elections
  • You cannot apply for an Australian passport
  • You cannot apply for a student loan
  • You cannot work in the Australian defence forces
  • You cannot obtain work in the Australian government
  • You do not have an automatic right of entry after overseas travel

While you do not have these rights, your permanent resident visa does make you eligible to apply for Australian residency in due course. You can consult our immigration experts if you wish to apply for Australian citizenship or want to know more about it.


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Whether it’s the first time you’re applying for PR or are in the process of Australian permanent residency renewal, it can be a long, tedious journey. You must apply for an Australian permanent residency visa with all the relevant documents. A knowledgeable migration agent ensures that all documents are in order and helps you meet all the eligibility requirements. He also makes sure that your application is complete in every respect. Excel Migration is the most reliable migration and PR consultancy in Melbourne. Our experienced migration agents are aware of every aspect of the visa and migrations laws. We have emerged as the top choice for visa and PR seekers with our honest dealings, unmatched support, personalized assistance, and tailor-made solutions for every kind of visa & migration case.

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