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Apply for an Australian Citizenship Melbourne

Every migrant to Australia dreams of becoming a citizen of this amazing country. The coveted Australian citizenship comes with several entitlements, responsibilities, and privileges. You have to fulfil all conditions and meet the eligibility requirements before you can apply for citizenship. Attaining citizenship is the final step in the journey of a migrant to become an integral part of Australian society. Excel Migration is the leading migration and visa consultancy in Melbourne, which helps migrants apply for Australian citizenship.

Apply for an Australian Citizenship Melbourne

Rights of an Australian Citizen

After you gain Australian citizenship, you have several rights. Some of these are:

  • You can apply for an Australian passport.
  • You can vote in the federal, state, or territory elections and constitutional referendums.
  • You can sponsor others for an Australian visa or PR.
  • You can apply for any government job.
  • You can become part of the Australian defence forces.
  • You can seek the help of the Australian consulate while abroad.
  • You can enter and exit Australia as many times as you wish.
  • You can seek election to Australian parliament (not for those below 18 or a dual citizen).

Responsibilities of an Australian Citizen

The citizenship of Australia also comes with several responsibilities. Some of these are:

  • You obey all Australian laws.
  • Your behaviour and your conduct is according to the Australian domestic beliefs
  • You sign and follow the Australian values statement.
  • You serve on the Australian jury when summoned.
  • You can vote in federal, state, or territory elections and constitutional referendums.
  • You take part in Australian defence if you are called.

Process to Apply for Australian Citizenship

The application process to apply for citizenship in Australia is a 3-stage process.

Step 1: Application stage

You initiate the process by applying for Australian citizenship after you meet the eligibility criteria. It is important to apply with all relevant documents to avoid the application being declined.

Step 2: Test for Citizenship

After the Department of Home Affairs has reviewed your application and found it in order, you will be assigned a case officer and given an appointment. Every adult applicant applying for Australian citizenship needs to appear for a citizenship test during this appointment. You are asked questions regarding the responsibilities of being Australian, the meaning of Australian citizenship and life in Australia. These questions are based on the ‘Australian citizenship resource book’ that you can study before this test.

Step 3: Citizenship Ceremony

After you have passed this test, you are invited to attend the citizenship ceremony. It is usually 3 months after you clear the test, but the time may vary as per your local council. During this ceremony, you take the Australian citizenship pledge and become an Australian citizen.


There are three main ways that you can become an Australian citizen:

Birth: If one or both of your parents are Australian citizens or you were born in Australia and are not a citizen of any other country, you are entitled to Australian citizenship.

Descent: If your one or both parents are Australian citizens, but you were born overseas, you will be granted Australian citizenship.

Conferred: If you meet the specified eligibility requirements and pass the citizenship test, you can be an Australian citizen by conferral.

You should have lived in Australia for not less than 4 years. Of this, at least 12 months should be as a permanent resident. You should not owe any debt to the Australian government and should abide by all laws of Australia. You should be willing to sign the Australian values statement.

You need a valid passport, an identity declaration signed by a person with appropriate authority, and a PR visa to apply for Australian citizenship. While you need to provide certified copies of your documents, you may also need to submit some documents in original while applying for Australian citizenship.


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