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Temporary Graduate 485 Visa

What is a Graduate Visa Subclass 485 Melbourne?

After you have completed your studies, you can live, study, and work in Australia with a graduate 485 visa. The benefit of applying for a temporary graduate visa subclass 485 is that you can continue your education and obtain a higher-level degree that helps you get the skills in demand in Australia. It also enables you to apply for a permanent residency once you become eligible for the same. Recent graduates from a CRICOS can use this visa category registered course from a qualified Australian university.

Temporary Graduate 485 Visa

The various streams for 485 visa

Graduate work stream :

  • If you are a recent graduate from a recognised Australian university, you can apply for this visa category.
  • It allows you to stay in Australia for up to 18 months.
  • The cost of this visa currently is AUD 1,680.
  • With a graduate visa subclass 485, you can live, study, and work in Australia and sponsor your family to come to Australia.
  • To be eligible for this visa, you must hold a qualification related to an occupation on the skilled occupation list.
The various streams for 485 visa

Post-study work stream:

  • You are eligible to apply for this visa if you have graduated recently from a CRICOS registered course.
  • The validity of this temporary visa is 2-4 years, dependent on the course you are attending.
  • Up to 90% of the applications under this category are processed within 9 months of filing.
  • This visa allows you to bring your eligible family workers to Australia to live with you.
  • With a post-study work stream visa, you can stay, study and work in Australia for the duration of the visa and are allowed multiple entry and exits.

Second post-study work stream:

  • It is a temporary visa, and its validity is 18-24 months, depending on the course you are attending.
  • It is meant for students who have recently completed their graduation degree from a recognised institution located in Australia’s regional area or territory.
  • The regional area that applicant has lived in as the holder of his/her first temporary graduate visa PSW stream.


The validity of a graduate work stream visa is 18 months, while with a post-study workstream, you can stay in Australia for up to 2-4 years. Your stay on this visa depends on the duration of the course you are applying for and the subclass or category.

There are various visa options available for you after a 485 visa. Depending on your eligibility, you can apply for a training visa – subclass 407, Temporary Skill Shortage visa – subclass 482, Employer Nomination Skill visa – subclass 186 or Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional visa – subclass 494. While some are temporary visas, others as permanent residency visas.

To understand your eligibility and choose the correct visa option, check the Department of Home Affairs website or consult one of our knowledgeable visa agents.

One of the advantages of obtaining a Graduate Visa Subclass 485 is that it allows you to work full time, without restriction in Australia.

As part of the 485 visa requirements, you need documents that prove your identity. It can be the passport’s bio page, birth certificate, passport size photographs, marriage or divorce certificate, health and character documents, completion letter from your education provider, and documents that show your English language proficiency.

The cost of applying for a temporary graduate visa 485 is AUD 1,680 for the principal applicant. The price for a partner, dependent, or children above 18 years is AUD 840, and for a child below 18 is AUD 425. Check the website of the Department of Home Affairs for the current cost or changes, if any.

You can apply for a 485 visa only once as a primary visa holder. That’s why you must utilise it fully to gain the skill, knowledge, and work experience to apply for another visa category that can help you achieve permanent residency.


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