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Australian Parent Visa & Visitor Visa for Parents in Melbourne

Parent visa allows parents of an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizens to visit and live with their child in Australia. It helps reunite families and allows parents to spend quality time with their children and grandchildren in Australia. Excel Migration is among the top immigration and visa consultant agencies in Melbourne that assist with visitor visas for parents. We provide result-oriented service with a high success rate.

Requirements to meet to apply for a Parent Visa for Australia

To apply for a visitor parent visa, you must meet these conditions:

  • It would help if you were the parent of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen.
  • Your child must sponsor you.
  • Your child must have lived in Australia for at least 2 years.
  • You should meet the character and health requirements.
Australian Parent Visa & Visitor Visa for Parents in Melbourne

Different Types of Parent Visas

Several types of parent visas can be applied based on the eligibility of the applicants. Here are some of the most frequently used categories of parent visas for Australia:

Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary) visa (Subclass 884):

To apply for Parent visa subclass 884 for Australia, you must be in Australia at the time of application.  This visa allows the parent to stay in the country. If your child is a permanent resident or an Australian citizen, you can apply for this type of temporary parent visa. In due course, you can also apply for a permanent Contributory Aged Parent (subclass 864) visa.

Contributory Parent (migrant) visa (subclass 143):

The visa fees for this category is high, while the processing time is faster. The parents must pass the ‘balance of family test’. There also needs to be sponsorship by the child and the assurance of support to the parent. Processing time is 18-24 months. It allows multiple entries and exits from Australia.

Contributory Parent (temporary) visa (subclass 173)

Contributory Parent (temporary) visa allows the parent to stay up to 2 years in Australia. Moreover, they can work and study in Australia without government support. The parent needs to meet the ‘balance of family test’. It makes the parent eligible to apply for a permanent visa in due course.

Parent migrant visa (subclass 103):

It is the long-stay visitor visa for parents for Australia, suitable for those who wish to live permanently with their children in Australia. The fees of this visa are low, but the parents must meet the ‘balance of family test’, which means that at least half of their children are eligible children. There is a long waiting list (up to 30 years) and a cap on the number of visas issued each year.


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It is always advisable to take the services of a migration agent when applying for a parent visa for Australia. Australia’s immigration and visa process is considered the toughest globally, with several subcategories and requirements for supporting documents. Our migration agents are experienced professionals who are well versed in all aspects of Australian immigration laws.

They guide you on applying for a parent’s visitor visa for Australia in the correct category and help you prepare a complete visa application with all supporting documents. It results in fast processing of your visa application and minimises the chance of rejection. We also keep you updated on the progress of your visa application at all times. As your authorised representative, we deal with the immigration office and reply to their queries on your behalf.

Here are a few reasons that have made us the migration agent of choice in Melbourne:

  • Experienced agents
  • Fastest turnaround time
  • Honest advice
  • Trustworthy service
  • MARA registered
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