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The medical visa allows individuals to enter or stay in Australia to undergo medical treatment and falls under the temporary visa category. This visa is granted to the applicant, considering the duration of the treatment. However, one can also get this visa in case of refusal for a separate Australia permanent visa on health grounds or is unfit to depart Australia.

The subclass 602 medical visa can be granted in various situations, and eligibility requirements involve individuals who are donating an organ, receiving an organ, supporting the patient undertaking treatment, or intending to come down under using the agreements between the Queensland Health Department and the Western Province of Papua New Guinea.

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Registered migration agents and visa agencies like Excel Migration can help you get a medical visa by expediting the approval process by leveraging their years of expertise and in-depth understanding of immigration laws. Individuals willing to get a medical visa for Australia can contact a reliable visa agency like ours for comprehensive medical visa application lodgement assistance.

Subclass 602 Medical Visa Requirements & Eligibility

Here are the situations when you may get a medical visa and stay in Australia: –

  • Unfit to Deport: If you are unfit to depart Australia and are refused a permanent visa in Australia on health grounds, you may be granted a subclass 602 medical visa.
  • Organ donor: Individuals seeking to donate an organ for transplant can apply for a medical visa for Australia.
  • Support Person: You can get a subclass 602 medical visa if you support someone who has either applied for or been granted a medical visa for treatment in Australia.
  • Medical Treatment: To apply for a subclass 602 visa under this category, you must be undertaking treatment or consultation in Australia.

Benefits You Get with Subclass 602 Visa

The benefits an individual gets with a subclass 602 medical treatment visa are as follows: –

  • Donate an organ for transplant in Australia
  • Undergo medical treatment or consult the doctor or specialist you desire
  • Support someone undergoing treatment in Australia and has been granted a subclass 602 medical visa
  • Single entry or multiple entries allowed, depending on your particular situation
  • Study for up to three months or longer (if in case you meet the exemption criteria)

Individuals suffering from a medical condition and willing to get treated by a specialist in Australia can apply for this visa; however, ensure you lodge a visa application with all the support documents correctly. If it’s your first time applying for a visa, contact a registered migration agent or visa agency like Excel Migration.

How to Apply for Subclass 602 Visa?

Navigating the complex immigration world of Australia could be cumbersome without professional assistance; however, here are the steps you need to follow to obtain a medical visa in Australia: –

  • Check your passport, complete your health examinations, and gather all the required documents.
  • Once you are prepared and gathered all the supporting documents, you can apply for the visa.
  • You will receive a notification from the immigration authority once your file is submitted successfully.
  • The authority will let you know their decision in writing. For instance, if you are granted a visa, you will be told your: –
    • Visa grant number
    • Date your visa starts
    • Validity of your visa
    • Conditions of visa
  • In case your visa gets refused, you will receive information about: –
    • Reason for visa refusal
    • Whether or not you have the right to a review


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Why Choose Excel Migration as Your Migration Agent?