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Ministerial Intervention

Apply for Ministerial Intervention with Excel Migration

Has your visa appeal been refused by Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)? Are you considering ministerial intervention? Excel Migration has a wealth of experience helping individuals requesting ministerial intervention in Australia.

Ministerial intervention is the last resort for families looking to have their visa requests considered. Skilled and experienced immigration agents must represent your matter efficiently as it will increase the possibility of good.

Apply for Ministerial Intervention with Excel Migration

What is Ministerial Intervention?

Ministerial intervention is an opportunity that arises after one’s visa has been refused by AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal) and all other ways for getting your application reviewed again have been exhausted. Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs has the power to personally intervene in your case if he believes it is in the public interest and grant you a visa under legit circumstances.

Bear in mind that the Minister is not legally obliged to intervene or consider applications for Ministerial Intervention. Only a few applications for Ministerial Intervention are successful. Therefore, it is essential that you get your matter represented by qualified and professional immigration agents who can build a solid case.

However, the possibility of a successful Ministerial Intervention request will vary depending on various circumstances. It may include your visa history and previous reasons for refusal. Also, if you are living in Australia unlawfully or fail to satisfy character grounds, you may not be eligible to apply for Ministerial Intervention.

Eligibility Criteria for Ministerial Intervention

Requirements for ministerial intervention are as follows: –

  • You can only apply for ministerial intervention if your visa application has been reviewed by Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).
  • You must be residing in Australia lawfully if you want to apply for Ministerial Intervention.
  • Before applying for Ministerial Intervention, one must look at minister’s guidelines regarding the applications that may be considered and circumstances that won’t be considered.

How Can We Help?

Our experienced and registered immigration agents can help you represent your matter appropriately with all the accurate details. We will leverage our in-depth knowledge, skills and expertise to assist you in increasing your chances of a successful Ministerial Intervention application.

Excel Migration is an experienced immigration firm with over 15+ years of experience helping individuals with their migration matters. We help individuals navigate the complex immigration world of Australia and help them migrate to a different land without much hassle.


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Why Choose Us to Represent You for Ministerial Intervention?

We are a reliable immigration agency in Australia with substantial experience in handling immigration and Ministerial Intervention matters. Our team is committed to providing our clients with the support and assistance they deserve and require during the visa application process. We make the complex immigration process as simple as possible for our beloved clients. Here are some excellent reasons to choose us over others: –

  • Higher success rate
  • Proven track record of success
  • Fast application processing
  • Exceptional customer services guaranteed
  • Experienced and registered immigration agents

Contact us today if you are looking to have your visa application reviewed by Minister and apply for Ministerial Intervention in Australia.