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Australia is a dream country for migrants around the world. It offers equal opportunity, growth, and a high standard of living to all its citizens without any discrimination. As a country built by immigrants, it recognises and respects the immigrants’ contribution that enriches and enhances its culture. If you are looking to apply for a visa in Australia, you need the services of a MARA registered migration agent. Excel Migration is one of the most reliable consultancies of experienced & best migration agents in near-me Melbourne. that offers 360-degree support in applying for a visa or PR for Australia.

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Make Your Dream Come True

Trusted immigration partners for all your immigration queries for Australia.

We are an One-Stop option for all of your migration queries for Australia. We follow a complete transparent assessment system for client profiling which offers a fast, reliable and peace of mind service with an amazing client experience.

We are licensed immigration consultants to assist you in a best possible way to make your dream come true to settle in Australia. We have the expertise in study visa, permanent residency, partner visa, Employer Sponsored Visa, tourist visa, parent visa, temporary residency (485 visas) and 482 visa.

How Migration Agents Work?

Australian visa and immigration applications are considered the toughest in the world. If you are planning to apply for an Australian visa or PR, you need the services of a registered migration agent.

A migration agent is well versed in all aspects of visa and immigration. Each of our accredited visa consultants is bound by the MARA code of ethics. They provide you with honest advice and an unbiased assessment of your visa or PR application based on its merits.

  • Before the visa application process begins, a registered agent can help apply under the correct category, collect requisite documents, and clear required tests.
  • It increases the chances of acceptance of your visa or migration application.
  • They also act as your liaison, answering all queries on your behalf to the immigration authorities.
  • A good migration agent is happy to share crucial information like MARA registration number, success rate, consultation fees, and testimonials.
  • These help you decide on which visa and immigration consultant is best suited for you.
  • Always look for an established firm of visa consultants and registered migration agents that can offer you personalised attention at competitive prices.
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