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Apply for Skill Assessment with Excel Migration!

Do you want to migrate to Australia through a skilled visa? Need help to lodge your skills assessment application? Applying for the same while being blank about the complex immigration world could be cumbersome; that’s why skilled migration agents and visa agencies like us exist!

Excel Migration has helped numerous people migrate to Australia by assisting them in filing their skills assessment applications and visa applications. We can help you correctly prepare and lodge your application with our years of expertise and in-depth knowledge of the most challenging Australian immigration system.

Apply for Skill Assessment with Excel Migration

If you plan to live, study, and work in Australia through any skilled visa and need help filing your skill assessment application, you have to go nowhere; we will provide comprehensive assistance.

What is Skill Assessment?

Individuals looking to apply for subclass 189 visa, subclass 190 or subclass 186 visa direct entry employer-sponsored visas will be required to provide the immigration authority with a positive skills assessment before they can file their visa application. To get your skills assessed, you will need to lodge your skill assessment application.

Skill assessment refers to the process of testing your work experience and qualifications to determine whether you are suitable for performing the tasks of the role you are applying for. It provides evidence that you are suitable for the job you’re being offered in Australia. You have to submit the assessment to the Department of Home Affairs.

Major Skill Assessing Authorities

To get your skills assessed, you have to apply for skill assessment to an authority in Australia relevant to your occupation. Some of the major skill assessment authorities are as follows: –

  • Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA)
  • Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW)
  • Australian Computer Society (ACS)
  • Australian Institute of Management (AIMS)
  • Australian Institute of Medical Scientists (AIMS)
  • Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS)
  • Australian Institute of Radiography (AIR)

Each assessment authority in Australia has its own procedures, charges and timeframe. To determine the right assessing authority for skill assessment according to your occupation, you can consult a skilled migration agent like Excel Migration. We will help you identify the right assessing authority with years of expertise and tailor your application in such a way that it increases your chances of success.-


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Excel Migration Expedite Your Skill Assessment Process

Excel Migration is your migration and visa consultancy partner who loves to see you succeed in achieving your dreams of migrating and working in Australia. We can help you correctly lodge a skill assessment application and increase your chances of success with our years of expertise. Here’s the list of things that we do for our clients for skill assessment assistance services: –

  • Assist you in selecting the relevant occupation from SOL (Skilled Occupations List)
  • Arrange a skills assessment by contacting the relevant assessing authority
  • Help you gather all the necessary documents for application lodgement
  • Fill out the required application forms for skill assessment
  • Submit your skill assessment application correctly
  • Keep an eye on your application
  • Keep you updated with the status and let you know once the assessing authority has issued their decision

If you are looking for a reliable migration agent and visa agency that can assist you with lodging skill assessment for a skilled visa, you won’t find a better option than Excel Migration. Contact us for more details regarding our skill assessment assistance services.

Excel Migration Expedite Your Skill Assessment Process