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Employer Sponsored Visa 482

Employer Sponsored Visa 482- Temporary Skilled Shortage (TSS) Visa Melbourne

What is 482 visa

The employer sponsored visa 482 is a sponsored visa by an employer that allows you to come, live and study in Australia. This visa is linked to skill shortage. To be eligible, your occupation must be on the Skilled Occupations list of the Australian government. Excel Migration is the leading visa and immigration consultancy in Melbourne that provides advice and assistance to apply for a sponsorship visa 482. We provide you support in applying for any of the two streams of 482 visas that are short-term and mid-term.

The short term or temporary skilled shortage (TSS) visa for a short term of 2 years can be renewed once for further 2 years. The midterm visa is for 4 years and you become eligible for PR after completing 3 years. To be eligible for a subclass 482 mid-term visa, your occupation must be on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).

Employer Sponsored Visa 482

How to Apply for a Sponsorship Visa for Australia?

A sponsoring business can hire workers from overseas if the skilled workers for an occupation cannot be found in the Australian labour market. The submission of an application for a temporary sponsored visa for Australia is a multi-stage process.

3 Step Process to apply for 482 visa:

Step 1 : The legitimate business registered in Australia must sponsor the overseas work for an occupation that is on the eligible skilled occupation list.

Step 2 : The sponsoring business must then fill the nomination application that has details of the work, salary and its efforts to hire Australian workers for the position that have not been successful.

Step 3 : After this, the nominated employee can apply for a temporary skilled visa 482 with the relevant documents.

482 visa Requirement

  • It is a temporary visa, and its validity is 18-24 months, depending on the course you are attending.
  • It is meant for students who have recently completed their graduation degree from a recognised institution located in Australia’s regional area or territory.
  • The regional area that applicant has lived in as the holder of his/her first temporary graduate visa PSW stream.

The Benefits of Hiring a Migration Agent

You may have found an employer willing to sponsor your visa but you still need the services of migration and visa specialists. They act as your guide, providing service that covers all aspects of your skilled visa subclass 482 application. They explain subclass 482 visa requirements and help you apply for a visa with relevant documents. As the Australian visa and immigration process is considered complex, you need someone well-versed with all aspects of visa application.

Excel Migration has a pool of experienced employer sponsored visa 482 agents that can help you with your sponsorship visa application. We provide an end-to-end visa application service. For assistance and queries regarding your visa application, call us on 0412 797 205.


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Can I apply for PR with a 482 short-term visa


The skilled visa 482 is a popular and commonly used type of short term and temporary visa. You can apply for a PR if the occupation that your work on is listed on MLTSSL.

You can study while you are on a temporary skilled visa 482 and also work for your sponsoring employer for 4 years. However, you have to study at your own expense and you do not get any government support for your studies.

The duration of skilled visa 482 is 2 to 4 years. You can only renew it once while you are onshore, in Australia.

No, you cannot change your employer while you are on a skilled visa 482. If you want to work with a new employer, then you need sponsorship or approved nomination from the new employer for your visa.

If you voluntarily or involuntarily quit your job while on a skilled visa 482, your sponsoring employer needs to inform the department of home affairs within 60 days. If you are without employment for 60 consecutive days, you are in breach of condition 8607. You need to either get a different category of visa or find another employer within that time to sponsor a subclass 482 visa for you. Otherwise, you will need to leave Australia.