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Employer Nomination Subclass 186 Visa

Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Visa (ENS Subclass 186) Melbourne

The subclass 186 employer nomination scheme visa allows a skilled applicant to live in Australia permanently. It can be applied both offshore and onshore. This visa needs to be sponsored by a legitimate business operating in Australia.

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Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Visa

3 Streams Through Which You Can Apply For a vVsa 186

These are:

1. Employer nomination scheme visa subclass 186 temporary transpiration stream:

Those individuals earlier sponsored for subclass 482 or 457 visas can apply under this category. To apply under this category, you should have worked for the same employer for at least three years. Your nomination should be for the same occupation listed on your 482 or 457 visa application. The job or position you have been selected for should be full-time, ongoing. This position should also be the exact position mentioned in your earlier 457 or 482 visa applications.

2. Employer nomination scheme visa subclass 186 direct entry stream:

For eligibility under this category, your occupation must be on the eligible skilled occupation list. You need to have at least 3 years of full-time experience, unless you are exempted. Have a positive full skills assessment from the recognised assessment authority. The sponsoring business should pay the Skilled Australian Fund (SAF) levy when they submit your employer nomination application. It is a requirement that the job is an ongoing full-time position and available for the next two years.

3. Employer nomination scheme subclass 186 labour agreement stream:

If your sponsor has negotiated a labour agreement with the government, you can use this stream before sponsoring you. A labour agreement is a formal agreement entered between a legitimate business and the government. The aim is to address the skilled labour shortage in Australia’s particular sector, region, or territory. Thus, the sponsoring business can recruit overseas workers for the skill shortage that adversely impacts the business.

After being signed by all concerned parties, the labour agreement becomes effective and valid for three years.

Your nomination under this visa is valid for six months. Thus, you must lodge your visa application for the employer nomination scheme visa within six months of receiving the sponsorship from your employer with all the relevant documents.

Eligibility For Employer Nomination Scheme Visa:

There are several eligibility criteria that you should meet to apply for a visa subclass 186. These are:

  • An approved business should have nominated you.
  • You should be under 50 years of age at the time of applying unless exempted
  • Your occupation must be on the skilled occupation list
  • You should have the requisite skill and work experience for the selected job
  • You should meet the competent English language test
  • You need to meet the registration and licensing requirements, if applicable
  • You should have health and character clearance
  • You should meet all the parameters and conditions of the stream under which you are applying


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The sponsorship from an approved business enterprise in Australia is only the first step towards obtaining an employer nomination scheme visa. You need to file your visa application within six months, along with all the supporting documents. It is always helpful to consult a MARA registered migration agent. At Excel Migration, we understand how stressful the process of applying for a visa or migration can be. Both onshore and offshore applicants who are not well versed with Australian visa and migration laws can find the process quite daunting.

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