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Latest Changes in Australian Immigration 2022

Latest Changes In Australian Immigration 2022

Latest Changes in Australian Immigration 2022

The latest news from the citizenship rules have been creating news all over Australia. In any case of confusion, we’re here to simplify it for you.

Here are the latest changes in the Australian Immigration rules, dated July 1, 2021.

1) Fewer Business Visa Subclasses (Retraction)

From 1 July 2021, only four visa streams are available to new applicants, instead of nine, under the Business Innovation and Investment Program.

The new change now demands that only 4 new visa streams be available, compared to the earlier 9 allowed. These 4 are as per the BIIP; innovation, Entrepreneur, Investor and Significant Investor streams of the 188 will give a temporary visa and a perpetual residency pathway through 888 visa. On the same note, 132 is not obtainable anymore.

The four streams now allowed will provide residency that is valid for 5 years, longer than before. This is so that the holders of their visas are allotted a longer duration to meet any and every requirement on the way to their permanent visa approval.

Finally, the overall expense of the visa’s charges has gone up to eleven-point three percent.

2) Expanded Priority Occupation List

Added to the new occupation list, it now includes accountants, engineers, software developers, and chefs. These are among the twenty-two other new occupations added to the PMSOL, which was started in 2020 in order to fill critical skills to support Australia’s economic recovery from COVID-19.

Overall, the list contains forty-one occupations for the workers being brought in through the sponsored visas. These particular occupations on the PMSOL are being given priority processing.

While Australia’s international border is still closed, temporary visa holders with a priority occupation are allowed to seek an exemption from the travel restrictions.

3) An Application Fee Increase for Australian Citizenship

The new changes have also included an increase in the application fee. From just below $285, an applicant now has to pay $490.

For children aged fifteen and younger, they are included in the application given by their respective parents and is hence free. Above fifteen, the cost is now $300, from the initial $180.

From all the increase in the costs, the Australian government only recovered 50% of the overall expenses.

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